Twin Of Twins – Stir It Up Vol.11 3.4 – Quarter To 12

Twin Of Twins – Stir It Up Vol.11 3.4 – Quarter To 12.

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Scene 1 – Emergency

scene one. Is written and recorded by Patrick Patrick. It highlights the serious social bias and double standards that often baffles the average person who lives below the poverty level as is mistaken for one of them by who is supposed to be professional hospital staff while his life hangs in the balance. Ankle Socks is paranoid as he plots revenge and Big Wayne sinks deeper into deception as he wrestles with his inner evil in bid to keep his deep dark secret.

Scene 2 & 3 – Maskita Bite & The Baller And The Bench

It is written and recorded by Patrick Patrick @curlyloxxthevoiceboxx Gaynor. This is two scenes merged into one. They are separately entitled “Maskita bite and “The baller and the bench. Highlighted in this upload is Big Wayne’s continued downward spiral as further seeks to keep his secret but Maskita Troy is on to him and his troubles broaden even further. Meanwhile at kph Man Dawg schools Balla Sean for being ungrateful to Shakie and schools him on the errors of investing his money in the wrong things.