Best Of Ragga/Dancehall (1990’s – Today) 480 Tracks

Best Of Ragga/Dancehall (1990’s – Today)

Beenie Man – Row Like A Boat
Sean Paul – Ever Blazing
Elephant Man – Fuck U Sign
Alozade – Under Mi Sensi (feat. Mr. Vegas)
Vybz Kartel – Sweet To The Belly
Ward 21 – Rhyme
Bounty Killer – Pum Pum
Elephant Man – Chiney Ting
Vybz Kartel – New Millenium (feat. Wayne Marshall)
Beenie Man – My Dickie
Bounty Killer – Lazy Gal
Buccaneer, Bounty Killyer & T.O.K. – Real Badman
Capleton – Mr. Lover
Beenie Man – Red Red
Bounty Killer – Raging Storm
Wayne Marshall – Going To The Party
Buju Banton – Nuh Lame Thing
Ward 21 – Petrol
Richie Feelings – Dancin’ Class Part 2
Vybz Kartel – Tek Gun Shot
Assassin – Girls Gone Wild
Vybz Kartel – Body Nuh Done
Vybz cartel – Picture This
Richie Feelings & Tony Matterhorn – All About Dancing 2
Vybz Kartel – Badda Dan Dem
Kid Kurrupt – Punanny Chemist
Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel & Wayne Marshall – In My Eyes
Buju Banton – Nuh Tek Check
Mad Cobra – Don’t Waste Mi Time
Ward 21 Feat. Bounty Killerward – Badda Than
Sizzla – Wrath
Sky Juice – Dance Moves
Bounty Killer – Badman Order
Predator – Mad Sick
Vybz Kartel – Real Bad Man
Bounty Killer – Hey Yallow
Macka Diamond – Mi Nuh Dun (feat. Mad Cobra)
Nina Sky – Turnin’ Me On (Black Chiney Reggae Remix)
Voicemail – Weh Di Time
Macka Diamond – Mr Teki Back
Vybz Kartel – Too Fucky Fucky
Beenie Man – Ziggy Zung
Macka Diamond – Lexxus & Benz
Vybz Kartel – Dutty Panty
Sizzla – I’M With The Girls
Voicemail – Do What You Feel Like
Vybz Kartel – Spragga Correction
Mad Cobra – Switch
Beenie Man – Three Laws
Capleton – Free Up
Vybz Kartel – School Bus
Beenie Man – Dance To The Chakka
Bounty Killer – Warlord Walk
Busy Signal – Wuk Gal
Tony Matterhorn – Dutty Wine
Beenie Man – Heart Attack
Buju Banton – Beauty Queen
Spice – Grab Yuh Hood
Shabba Ranks – Love Punanny Bad
Busy Signal – 2 Much Gun
Beenie Man – We Set Di Trend
Busy Signal – Lu Lu Lu
Idonia – Chicken Head
Buju Banton – Good Good A Pressure Dem
Bounty Killer – Flawless
Delly Ranx – Bogle Memorial
Beenie Man – Stamina
Macka Diamond – Ugly Man
Voicemail – Get Crazy
Dr Evil – More Punanny
Busy Signal – A Weh Busy A Do
Shaggy – Ruba Dub Wi Want
Beenie Man – Reverse Di Ting
Collie Buddz – Wild Out
Mr Vegas – Raging Bull
Erup – Gal A Run Dem Head
Future Fambo – Drunken Dance
Tony Matterhorn – Bawl & Beg
Voicemail – Dancing Fever
Mavado – Dying
Macka Diamond – Hoola Hoop
Firelinks – Do Your Thing
Boysie & Not Nice – Bung Bong
Mr Vegas – Killa Swing
Tony Mattterhorn – Sidung Pon It
Vybz Kartel – Whine Pon You
Beenie Man – Could-A-Neva
Future Fambo – Tom Drunk
Busy Signal – Badman Place (feat. Mavado)
Mavado – On The Rock
Demarco – Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten
Busy Signal – Jail
Serani – Study People
Mykal Rose – Shoot Out
Busy Signal – Wine Pon Di Edge
Vybz Kartel – Money Fi Spend
Collie Buddz – Rise It
Bugle – Cyaan Look Inna Wi Eye
Elephant Man – Cater For The Poor
Vybz Kartel – My Scheme
Black Ryno – Ay Ya Ay Ya
Busy Signal – Knocking At Your Door
Firelinks & Tony Matterhorn – This Is How We Grow
Charly Blacks – Buddy Buddy (Raw Dancehall Mix)
Vybz Kartel – Life Sweet
Black Ryno – Real Stingers
Laden – Time To Shine
Busy Signal – Money Tree
Movado – Nuh Bleach Wid Cream
Aidonia – Flying Dagger aka 100 Stab
RDX – Bend Over
Bragga Dat – Dagga Dat
Ricky Blaze – How Me Look
Tok – Gimme Little (If You Want Me)
Beenie Man – Gimme Gimme
Assassin – Dem Nuh Want No Gal
Ding Dong – Man A Gallis
Wada & Andrew Blood – La La La
Bounty Killer – Corrupt
Mavado – War Is In The Air
Vybz Kartel – Neva Scared
Twin Of Twins – Jullie’s Introduction
Twin Of Twins – Dem A Try Bait Me Up
Twin Of Twins – Which Dudus
Erup – How We Ride
Gappy Ranks – Stinking Rich
Merital Family – My Money (Ha Ha) (feat. Vybz Kartel)
Vybz Kartel – Go Go Club
Bounty Killer – Rodney’s Sermon
Bounty Killer – Social Responsibility
Mavado – Gal Ova Gun
Gyptian – Hold You
Vybz Kartel – Love Dem
Mavado – She Beat Him
Gappy Ranks – Controversy Sells
Di Genius – Cyaa Friend Again
I Octane – Lose A Friend
I-Octane – No Love Inna Dem
Vybz Kartel – Cake Soap
Vybz Kartel – Benz Punany
Mavado – Gal A Mad Ova
Di Genius – Whine Up Part 2
Mavado – Stullesha
Chino – Tek Weh Gal
Derrick Coffie, Selena Chin & Michael Parkinson – Di Cleaner
Spice – Jim Screechie
T’Nez – Cyaa Mad Me
Lolita – Get Out My Face
I-Octane – Nuh Ramp Wid
Buju Banton – Gal
Gyptian – Gal We Want
Elephant Man – Life Of The Party (feat. Bounty Killer)
Vybz Kartel – Dancehall Hero
Karen Layne – May You All Rise (Ragga Ragga 2012 Intro)
Stylo G – Call Mi A Yardie
Potential Kid – She Say A Yah So Nice
Popcaan – Clean
Stylo G – My Style
Gappy Ranks – Da Herbs Deh
Popcaan – Party Shot
Movado – Settle Down
Khago – Tun Up Di Ting
Lea-Anna – Murder
Di Genius – Nah No Girl
Rockstar Teetimus – Never Be No Friend
Popcaan – Nuh Yes Man
I-Octane – Informer A Work
Masicka – It’s A Masicka
Masicka – Guh Haad And Done
Stylo G – Nobody Can Cross The Leader
Gappy Ranks – Money Out Deh
Tommy Lee – The Scourge Of God
Masicka – Solo
I-Octane – Suffer Too Long
Di Genius – Struggle
Mavado – It Ain’t Easy
Konshens – So Mi Tan
Mavado – At The Top
Mavado – Box Of Money
Aidonia – Run Road
Konshens – Gyal Sidung
Gyptian – Non Stop
Demarco – No Dirt
Popcaan – Party Non Stop
Tommy Lee Sparta – Run Out
Romain Virgo – No Scary Movie
Busy Signal – Bad Up Who
Don Husky – On and On
Vybz Kartel – Punany A Mi Best Friend
Aidonia – Boom Flick
Spice – So Mi Like It
Radijah – Walk Like A Dog
I-Octane – Wine and Jiggle
Gyptian – Turn Me On
Elephant Man – All The Way (feat. Spice)
Alkaline – 1,2,3
Alkaline – Things Mi Love
Spice – Go Go
Busy Signal – Crazy Sex
Christopher Martin – Secret Love (Creep)
Bugle – Nuh Compatible
Mavado – Weh Dem A Do
Tony Matterhorn – Dutty Wine
Busy Signal – Unknown Number
Ding Dong – Bad Man Forward
Elephant Man – Nuh Linga
Shaggy – Ruba Dub Wi Want
Voicemail – Weh Di Time
Vybz Kartel – Tekk
Sean Paul – Ever Blazing
T.O.K. – Footprints
Anthony B – World A Reggae Music
Beenie Man – Who Am I
Turbulence – Notorious
Vegas – Heads High
Baby Cham – Bow
Bounty Killer – Cellular Phone
Buju Banton – Champion
Demarco – Sort Dem Out
Alozade – Under Mi Sensi (feat. Mr. Vegas)
Capleton – Good In Her Clothes
Aidonia – Gaga
Lady Saw – No Bellyas
Assassin – Idiot Thing That
Kiprich – Head No Good
Leftside & Esco – Out & Bad
Macka Diamond – Bun Him (feat. Black-Er)
Bling Dawg – Got It Goin’ On
Lexxus – Good Hole
Danny English – Party Time
Kid Kurrupt – Fling Up Di Pussy
Buccaneer – Bruk Out
Dr Evil – No Std
Tanya Stephens – Goggle
Ward 21 – Rhyme
Ce’cile – Hot Like We
General Degree – When I Hold You Tonight
Red Rat – Bizzi Blazzi
Sizzla – Blaze Fire Blaze
Goofy – Fudgie
Mad Cobra – Press Trigger

Limb By Limb – Cutty Ranks
Red Rat – Bizzi Blazzi
Beenie Man – Girls Dem Sugar
Cutty Ranks – Who Say Me Dun
Shelly – Bam Bam Riddim
Mr. Vegas – Heads High (Remix)
Lord Kossity – Morenas
Dj Maze – Sexy Lady
Tanto Metro – Everyone Falls In Love
Chaka Demus – Bam Bam
General Levy – The Wig
Mad Lion Nine – On My Mind
Simple Simon – Boggling Queen
Winsome – Ah si j’étais Riche
Lady G – Provide The Whine
Yannis Odua – Long Time
Sat R Day – Steelo
Chakki Starr – Touch Me Heart
Chakki Starr – Touch Me Heart (Remix)
Sat R Day – Steelo (Remix)
Yaniss Odua – Matinda Long Time
Beenie Man – Who Am I
Goofy – I Don’t Gie A Damn
Red Rat – Tight Up Skirt
Mad Cobra – Pet And Pamper
General Degree – Boom Boom
Beenie Man – Tell Me
Tanya Stephens – Big Ninja Bike
Merciless – Work Dem
Captain Barkey – Please [Let Me Put It In] Red Rat And Hawkeye – Dolly House Secret
Sean Paul – Infiltrate
Slingshot & Mexican – Girls Selector
General Degree – Superman
Spragga Benz – Strong Performer
Merciless – Trouble Mi Piece
Goofy – Wink Me
Mr. Vegas – Nike Air
Mad Cobra – Mach 11 Arena
Beenie Man – Nah Bow
Red Rat – Goody 2 Shoe
General Degree – Sugar Plum Plum
Mr. Vegas – Big Things A Gwaan
Mad Cobra – Any Time You Want War
Spragga Benz – She Nuh Ready Yet
Merciless – Mr. Hart Harden
Red Rat – Bizzi Blazzi
Tanto Metro & Devonte – Go So
Lady G – Breeze Off
Mr. Vegas – Hit Him Back
Merciless – Gal Sheet
Frisco Kid – Passion Touch
Goofy – Terri Little Puddy Cat
Mad Cobra – No One Style
Mr. Vegas – Everywhere I Go
Goofy – Nuff A Dem Bad Mind
Buccaneer – Sha-La-La-La
Beenie Man – Battery Dolly
Zebra – Right Type A Love
Mr. Vegas – Di Position
Red Rat – Bruk Mi Ducks
Sean Paul – Report To We
Beenie Man – Study Me
Ward 21 – Haters
Zebra – Unfair You Know
Scare Dem – No Fraid A Dem
Mr. Vegas – Buss Your Bubble
Lady Saw – Sloppy In A Bed
Buccaneer – We Own Show
Goofy – Meow
Sean Paul – Faded
Hawkeye – Look At All Those Fassy
Elephant Man & Harry Toddler – Dun The Place
Beenie Man – Sleep With Me
Bounty Killer – Psycho Med (Ward 21 Mega Bash)
Mr. Vegas – You A Di No. 1
Ward 21 – Judgement Day
Beenie Man – Forget You
Spragga Benz – Move And Gweh
Sean Paul – Check It Deeply
Buccaneer – Dash Weh
Lady Saw – No Bellyas
Ward 21 – Mr. Fassy
Red Rat – Buddy She Want
Mad Cobra – Hard Fi Do
Hawkeye – Go Rachel
Ricky General – A Wha Dis
Mr. Vegas – True Or False
Admiral Bailey – What Time Is It_
Elephant Man – Watchie Pum
General B – My Name Is
Future Troubles – Bad Moda F___Er
Tanto Metro & Devonte – Front Of The Line
Elephant Man – On Line
Capleton – Them Running Out
Harry Toddler – Drive By
Lexxus – Why (Video Light Girl)
Sizzla – Empty The Clip
Shabba Ranks – Give Dem Di Shabba
Elephant Man – Bad Man A Bad Man
T.O.K. – Falla We
Mad Cobra – Press Trigger
Bounty Killer – Look Good
Spice – Fraid Fi Fly
Elephant Man – Robbing
Capleton – Lock Up
Beenie Man – Erase Your Mind
Sizzla – Karate
Lexxus – Good Hole
Gold Voice – Bashie
Elephant Man – Shizzle Ma Nizzle
Bounty Killer – Bad Boy Nuh Cub Scout
Beenie Man – Dis Di Program
Papa San – Sireen
Terror Fabulous – Run Come
Saba Tooth – Wap Dem Girl
Bounty Killer – Trespass
Duckman – Fat Piece Of Goose
Ninjaman – Hollow Point Bad Boy
Red Dragon – Burning Up
Bounty Killer – Not Another Word
Daddy Screw – You Must Be Maniac
Lt. Stitchie – Wood Fire
Galaxy P – Dem Bawling Out
Tumpa Lion – Jockey Wid Di Distance
Daddy Lizard – Run Gal Run
Mad Cobra – Hotness
Simpleton – Spermrod
Bounty Killer – Nuh Have No Heart
General Degree – Ragga Loving
Bounty Killer – How The West Was Won (Ragga Lick)
Beenie Man – Chronic
Jigsy King – Mr. Bate
Bounty Killer – Cellular Phone
Beenie Man – Healer
Mega Banton – Combination Mix (Pt. 2)
Bounty Killer – Wedding Done Arrange
Terror Fabulous – Gun Fool
Mad Cobra – Boy Fi Dead
Spragga Benz – Born Good Looking
Beenie Man – Defend Apache
Mega Banton – Season Your Pot
Daddy Screw – Snapper Dapper
Little Lenny – Lone Cocksman
Buccaneer – Romeo
General TK – Man Come Look You
Lt Stitchie – Gal A Come
Merciless – Mavis
Mad Cobra – Dun Wife
Beenie Man – Big Up And Trust
Mega Banton – Graveyard Shift
Bounty Killer – Mi Heartbeat
Simpleton – 1_4 To 12_
Mega Banton – Shadow
Beenie Man – Dengue Fever
Mega Banton – Urkle Dance
Ricky General – Gun Portmore
Bounty Killer – Cellular Phone
Daddy Screw – Open Your Leg
Buccaneer – Yu Nuh Care
High Plains Drifter – Sting
General Degree – When You Want Me
Beenie Man – Tear Off Mi Garment
Fabby Dolly – Peanut Punch
Bounty Killer – Convince
Desperado – More Gal
Merciless – Gun From Paris
Simpleton – Nuh Watch Nuh Clock
Beenie Man – Turn Around
Admiral Bailey – Action Pack
Spragga Benz – She Wrong
Mad Cobra – Certified Platinum
Bounty Killer – Suspense
Merciless – Ole Gallis
Ricky General – No Twelve Cylinder
Spragga Benz – Gooda Than Gold
General Degree – When I Hold You Tonight
Simpleton – Sleep & Slumber
Mad Cobra – A Gal A Chat
Daddy Screw – Shelly
Bounty Killer – See You No More (2004)
General Degree – Gription
Beenie Man – Stop Live In A De Pass
Merciless – Mr War War
Bounty Killer – Benz & Bimma
Spragga Benz – Mad House Tek Him
Red Dragon – Explode Gal
Buccaneer – Hotter This Year
Beenie Man – Girls Way
General Degree – In & Out
Bounty Killer – Gal Fi Get Wock
Simpleton – Want The Lumber
Red Dragon – More Gyal
Johnny P,Buccaneer,Mega Banton,Frisco Kid,Daddy Screw,
Gringo,Spragga Benz,Mad Cobra,General Degree – Matey Anthem
Simpleton – Miss Hotty Hotty
Mad Cobra – Ever Tight
Merciless – Greatest Lover
Buccaneer – Vintage Old Bruk
Daddy Screw – Death
Spragga Benz – Funny Guy Thing
Mad Cobra – Queen Of Hearts
Red Rat – Dwayne
General Degree – Pleasure Tour
Monster Shock Crew – Ill Na Na
Red Rat – Good Boy
Goofy – Fudgie, Pt. 2
Beenie Man – My Gal Dem
Hawkeye – Postman
Buccaneer – Bad Man Sonata
Red Rat – Italee
Scare Dem Crew – Girls Dem Man
Goofy – Dog Bark
General Degree – Who Badda
Mad Cobra – Cheap Clothes
Buccaneer – Second Place
Keri – My Man
General Degree – Cartoon Character
Ghost – Little Miss Cutie
Merciless – Mr. McCoy
Jigsy King – Don’t Know
Capleton – Husband Goody-Goody
Galaxy P – Movie Star
Bounty Killer – Intimate
Snagga Puss – Woman Fi Look Good
Brian & Tony Gold – Living In A Dream
Mad Cobra – Mek Noise
Cocoa Tea – Too Young
Major Mackerel – Galong So
Spragga Benz – Red Alert
Jigsy King – Work The Body Good
Daddy Screw – Sake A Yuh Body
Snagga Puss – Informer
Ninjaman – The Return (Father and Son)
Grindsman – Rude Bwoy No Powder
Galaxy P – Money
Bajja Jedd – Holy Moly
Red Fox – Jessica