Adrian Williams otherwise known as TruVice is a Reggae-Soul singer based in Clarendon, Jamaica. As his name implies, he has a powerful singing voice with which he delivers soulful messages via music.

Though TruVice was passionate about music since he was a child, it was not until May 2012 that he finally made the commitment to pursue it as a career. As he recalls; he was working at a security company in Trinidad and Tobago late one night when one of his co-workers began playing some dancehall rhythms and asked him to freestyle. Initially he was not sure what to say but he made something up and everyone enjoyed it. The following day he went on his computer, searched for instrumentals and began writing lyrics. It was at that very moment, while formulating rhymes that he decided to follow his passion.

TruVice first went to Trinidad and Tobago in 2007 (for work) and have been going back and forth since then. However, after the freestyle experience in May 2012, he returned home (to Jamaica) in August to focus on his music and have not been back to Trinidad since.

Towards the end of 2012, one of his friends connected him with Kemar “Di-Kemys” Whittingham of Big Ship Records (home of veteran singer Freddie McGregor). TruVice recorded one of the songs he composed while he was in Trinidad and Tobago, “pressure” on a rhythm presented to him by Di-Kemys. “Pressure” is TruVice’s fourth official studio recording. It was inspired by the hardship he was personally experiencing at the time (which for the most part was a hand to mouth type of lifestyle). In addition to that, he was constantly hearing others around him complain about going through similar difficulties. Like most artists, TruVice took out his frustration in the form of a song. As soon as it was released the song started to get regular rotation on Jamaican and international radio stations.